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Liquid Cooling Innovation for a Highly Efficient Data Centre

The Lenovo ThinkSystem SD650 V2 dual-node tray is designed for High-Performance Computing (HPC), large-scale cloud, heavy simulations and modelling. It supports Lenovo Neptune™ Direct to Node (DTN) technology as well as workloads from technical computing, grid deployments, and analytics, and is ideally suited for fields such as research, life sciences, energy, simulation, and engineering. The […]

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Protect your business and sleep better at night in 2023 from just £79.99 per user

Chief information security officers, IT Managers and business owners have the onerous task of protecting their organisations from multiple cyber threats each, and every day and your team members could unwittingly be your enemy in the continuing fight. Barracuda Phishline is an awareness and simulation solution developed to educate and upskill your teams and protect […]

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Ten reasons to consider a CoLo service

A colocation facility (CoLo) provides space, cooling, power, bandwidth and physical security for businesses that need to rent space for their servers and other significant computing hardware and is usually leased by the rack, cabinet, cage or room depending on client requirements. There are many reasons why a business could decide on a CoLo rather […]

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Retiring the BT copper network

The current analogue copper network is over one hundred years old and is progressively costly to maintain. Whilst the consequences will be positive – faster broadband speeds and higher quality service for us all – the digital upgrade might seem daunting as over fifteen million premises and homes will need to adopt alternative technologies over […]

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Office to rent

Office Space In St Albans 13 Parkway Wood, St Albans AL3 6PA • Situated in Porters Wood, part of the Cedar Court development • Estimated desk space for eight to twelve people • Can be partitioned into smaller sections • Up to three car parking spaces • Modern high specification office building • Approximately 1400 […]

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That offer’s too good to be true

We all love a bargain. Buying things online is getting the country through this crisis. However, when you’re searching for stuff online, it’s always worth remembering that if something seems too good to be true… it probably is. Of course a fancy coffee machine at 90% discount is appealing. And that new website designer does […]

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The assembly point is the car park

You might not be there right now. But you have a fire escape plan in your workplace. Of course you do, it’s a legal requirement. You’ll have one or two people who act as marshalls. When that fire alarm sounds, it’s their job to make sure everyone’s out of the building in a calm and […]

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Better IT support, working from home

Over the last few weeks, we’ve learned a different way of working, haven’t we? Some of our clients have really embraced the concept of working remotely. And maybe their businesses will be improved by it long-term (staff love the flexibility). Meanwhile some other clients have really struggled with it. So we’ve been offering them plenty […]

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This protects your data in your staff’s homes

Did you know that allowing staff to access company data on their own devices is called BYOD (for Bring Your Own Device)? It’s a critical way to get things done right now… But the big downside is that data security can accidentally be compromised. So to help you while home working is still critical, we’ve […]

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