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Why are Simple Batteries the Bedrock of Business Security?

Twin Systems colleague Dan Twine digs to the foundation of data and hardware security. In your body there exists at least three mechanisms of energy storage: fat, sugar, and ATP. All of which play a role in ensuring your body doesn’t become damaged by receiving too much or too little energy at once. Too much […]

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BTnet: An Internet Connection Reliable to You

Sharing files. Hosting video calls. Running cloud-based applications. Using Wi-Fi that doesn’t drop. As your business grows, the demands on your internet connection grow too. BTnet is an internet connection dedicated to your business, so you don’t need to fight for bandwidth with anyone else. That means you get fast, reliable speeds. Every single time. […]

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Self-care is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation.

Using an original artwork painted by mouth artist Henry Fraser, our friend Andrew Fraser at Communitee created a unique range of clothing for Hertfordshire Mind Network. The funds raised by the sale of these special t-shirts and hoodies will help provide essential mental health support to people, enabling them to recover from or live well […]

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True Resilience It has to be RO2 (formerly RA02)

BT RO2 (formerly RAO2) MPLS Redundancy & Resilient Access There is a fair amount of confusion in the market place regarding what is and isn’t possible from a BT RO2 MPLS Redundancy. In all honesty, there are many clients which believe they have full resiliency between their primary and failover circuits but probably don’t due […]

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Role Swapping

Platinum Point, the weekly invitation-only business group I’m a member of, talk for a minute each on our business, business tips, or an interesting subject. This week myself and another member, Christine Frith, decided to swap identities and talk about each other’s business to the group. I have some sympathy with Christine Frith as IT […]

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We had an IT emergency last week…

We had an IT emergency last week… A client had to quickly leave their building due to a structural issue that has presented itself. We got the call on the Monday to say that the situation had deteriorated to such an extent that they needed their Server and associated equipment relocated and possibly hosted at […]

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Struggling to get Proposals sent?

Had to get a proposal out sharpish last week, it got me thinking is there a way I could raw material required out to the potential client quicker than currently is the case. The issue we have here at Twin (in common with many Technology Support companies) is each offering can be different to the […]

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The Dreaded B.S.O.D – Blue Screen of Death

Twenty Three years ago on this day 20th April 1998, Bill Gates and Microsoft unveiled their new Windows 1998 operating system. Several great enhancements were promised such as robust USB support, Enhanced Graphic Support, and the introduction of the Windows Driver Model (WDM). So far so good, unfortunately at a COMDEX computer trade show in […]

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Are your Microsoft Systems end of life in 2019 and out of road ?

  In late 2019 Microsoft Systems will become end of life. Microsoft will be ending support for both its Windows 7 operating system and Office 2010. This means that any devices running these editions will soon lose support. Here are five reasons why you should already be preparing to avoid this by planning for this […]

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