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Is leadership from the front over rated?

I was for many years a forthright exponent of there is only one form of leadership model…You know the one the only way to lead is from the front.. Over the top chaps and all that. Then I saw a talk by Derek Sivers on Ted What a great Idea Ted is ! Essentially whilst […]

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Are you confident your business is protected?

Simplifying  the protection of your business was never going to be an easy business, was it? The technology world has morphed from a back office function to a whole life function covering virtually every area of your business and personal life. The constant interaction between flexible thus agile working and the requirements for a host […]

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5 Leadership skills you must have to succeed

5 Leadership Skills You Must Have to Succeed You may think of leadership skills as something that belongs to corporate culture, but they’re just as critical to any entrepreneurial business. Starting a business, or leading a team  is a concentrated experience. Everything you do is more immediate, more definitive, more tied to your eventual success. […]

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Is the front door to your network open ?

No matter what industry you operate in, today’s technological advancements make it inevitable that network security threats will sooner or later come knocking on your door. While it is true that corporate security measures can consume a lot of time and a huge chunk of change, the rapid growth of malicious Internet activity makes it […]

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You never miss something till it’s gone

Backing up your systems and the data contained within it should be a task your business does on a regular basis. However, when it actually comes to backing up your systems, you have a number of options available to you, and it can be tricky picking which one to go with. The Three mainstream backup […]

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Will a new Microsoft CEO bring change?

Microsoft founder Bill Gates gave an tear jerking update on the hunt for a new CEO to replace Steve Ballmer at a meeting for shareholders last night, but remained tight-lipped as to the timescales when a successor would be crowned. Current boss, Ballmer announced his plans to retire in August and said he would step […]

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Phoenix IT Group kicked off Cisco partner programme

Vendor confirms removal and says it is ‘working with partners and customers to manage the transition’ Long-standing Cisco Gold partner Phoenix IT Group has been expelled from the vendor’s partner programme, Twin Systems has learned. The vendor confirmed that it had served notice to the former Gold partner, issuing the following statement: “Cisco can confirm […]

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It’s not just about the money – ask Sir Richard Branson

I was awoken today by the news that the West Coast train franchise deal has now been halted. I think many people looked at the awarding of the contract to First Group was a mistake by all accounts their bid was unrealistic and didn’t offer an improved service. So how did the civil servants get it so very wrong?

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2E2 In Administration – Need reliable IT Support?

Having been in the industry since 1990 Twin Systems Ltd has seen many other organisations come and go in challenging times. The most recent case being 2E2 When a company like 2E2 goes under and the press headlines have died down, the often forgotten victims are left to pick up the pieces with no IT […]

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