Case Study – Harrow Green

Asset Management:
A Secret Weapon for Reducing IT Costs

For nearly 30 years, Harrow Green Ltd., a commercial relocation specialist based in London, England, has meticulously tended to the changing business needs of its clients.

“Our core business is about office relocation,” says Martin Parker, the company’s Chief Operating Officer. “Sometimes we’re just moving people and their things. Sometimes information technology is involved. Our work is usually completed over a weekend and is always meant to be seamless to our clients.”

In this profession, Harrow Green has grown at a dizzying pace, becoming synonymous with moving large, prestigious corporations in the London area and often filling new business parks on its own with relocations.

Over time, the company added a dedicated computer services division to better service its clients and opened 11 locations in the UK, growing its associate base to 300-plus people and generating a growing number of IT demands of its own.

To accommodate its explosive growth, Harrow Green also added a lot of IT equipment – more than 40 servers, 200 PCs, 100 printers, countless scanners, routers, switches and an untold number of smaller devices. Twin Systems technology consultants enabled Harrow Green Ltd. to re-evaluate its IT costs and deliver a 100% accurate asset registry though bespoke management tools.

Harrow Green Case Study

IT infrastructure costs were ‘phenomenal’

martin-parker-photo“I took responsibility for Harrow Green’s IT in February 2010 and very quickly had serious questions about IT duplication,” Martin Parker says. “Every office had a scanner attached to a base unit, we had printers sitting on nearly every desk, some of our people had laptops and a base unit – the overall cost was phenomenal.”

Over the next few months, Harrow Green’s IT staff began the long, arduous task of trying to locate as many of its servers, desktops, printers, scanners and other devices as it could. The seemingly endless project went on to no avail, prompting Martin to look for outside help.

Uncertain of exactly how to approach his asset management predicament, Parker considered a half dozen other technology managed service suppliers before selecting Twin Systems.

According to Martin , one of the primary reasons he looked to Twin Systems was his personal knowledge of the company’s founder, Steve Songaila, and Twin Systems extensive experience using dynamic asset management software which has helped their customers reduce IT costs, manage their IT infrastructure and maximize productivity.

“We had a massive asset base and we needed Twin Systems to help us find everything,” Martin says. “The device count was important, but what was more important was that they could help us to focus on fixing our core problem – managing our IT costs and giving us accurate, predictable costs for budgeting purposes.”

Using Twin’s asset management program, Twin immediately went to work by putting a network probe on each Harrow Green location. Although neither company knew exactly what the probes would turn up nor how the project would conclude, both were confident that the results would ultimately lower Harrow Green’s IT costs by enabling it to pare down its assets and quickly identify and remove any duplicate technology.

Twin Systems very quickly gained visibility to upwards of 97 per cent of Harrow Green’s devices. This discovery process ultimately enabled the relocation firm to cut its number of servers by more than 20 per cent, to pare its collection of printers by 80 per cent and to reduce the number of devices on the network by more than 15 per cent. The result was approximately 25 per cent savings in hard IT costs alone, says Martin Parker.

“With the help of Twin Systems, we can now manage our business better,” he says. “Because we know where everything is, we can look at all we’ve got and make more intelligent business calls on it.”

“It has enabled us to evaluate our IT costs in detail and at a divisional level as well and has also given us a 100-per-cent accurate asset register. It is an absolutely brilliant management tool for us.”

Songaila says that the project opened his eyes to new possibilities for Twin Systems to serve its clients through their asset management tools. “Asset tracking is a powerful part of managed services and a functionality that can really deliver meaningful results to our clients.”

As a result of this successful partnership, Parker says that Twin Systems is already engaged to help Harrow Green with a number of new projects, including its Customer Relationship Management system.

“We have developed a roadmap for IT improvement over the next 5 years” Martin Parker says. “Twin Systems is our trusted advisor that helps us manage our IT. Once they had the opportunity to show us the benefits of a managed services approach in certain areas, we trusted them for others.”

Twin Systems showed us exactly what was possible. It has enabled us to evaluate our IT costs in detail and at a divisional level as well and has also given us a 100-per-cent accurate asset register. It is an absolutely brilliant management tool for us.

Martin Parker, COO, Harrow Green