Case Study – The Edge Picture Company

The Edge Picture Company


The Edge are storytellers with purpose never standing still. They embrace the latest ideas, technology, techniques, and delivery methods to make a project special, whatever the budget.

Based in London, Doha, Durban, Toronto, and Paris, filming all over the world since 1991, delivering some truly special moments for all kinds of clients: governments, businesses, charities… the works.

The Edge Picture Company are very good at what they do – and crucially they have the recognition to back that up. With over 630 international awards to date, and rightly proud to be the only company ever to be named New York Festivals TV & Film Awards’ Production Company of the Year Worldwide (14 years running).

If you want your message to be seen, heard and to have a real lasting impact look no further than The Edge Picture Company.

The Edge Picture Company have been a valued client for over 20 years, in which technology has certainly changed over time.


The Challenge

In a fast moving environment the ability to respond and be proactive is key. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, The Edge decided that whilst all employees were working remotely, that they needed a platform where their collaboration tools could be easily accessed. The Edge Picture Company were looking for a greater degree of collaboration across the business and able to adapt and communicate effectively as a team whilst remote working.

The Solution

The latest project Twin Systems undertook was a full migration to Microsoft Teams. Consolidating on one platform as a single tool for communication would mean a massive productivity bonus for the company.

Web based meetings and document collaboration are now more than ever important business tools particularly in light of increased home working, all this while ensuring the experience was as near to working in the office as possible. Not only does Microsoft Teams enable you to work harmoniously remotely, it also has built-in security protocols, including two factor authentication to prevent any data from being leaked. This contributes to standards such as Cyber Essentials which the organisation has recently attained.