Case Study – Trinity College London

SELT Centres

Trinity College London were in Quarter 1 of 2015 awarded a government contract to provide Secure English Language Testing for the Home Office, in order to provide these services Trinity College were required at short notice to provision office space throughout the UK and Northern Ireland with all IT equipment required to be installed securely and in a best practice manner.

Trinity College awarded Twin Systems Ltd the IT consultancy contract in March of 2015 to install, configure and support 11 x centres with Servers, Desktops, and Networking/Security solutions to a very high standard for the Home Office requirements.

Trinity College Case Study

Twin Systems were engaged to complete this process (which included procurement and install of Desktops, Displays, Servers, Switches and Firewalls) at extremely short notice due to the stringent timescales put in place by the government. The Technical Design team designed a solution that would not just meet but exceed the minimum requirements for a SELT Centre, this was then pre-staged at the Twin Systems dedicated secure staging area located in Hertfordshire whereby the Technical Operations team built and configured 11 centres in quick succession to a template, the field installation team then installed almost £500,000 worth of equipment in just over 2 weeks.

It was then Twin Systems responsibility to manage this install until the Home Office had inspected the work carried out was to a high enough standard, in this time Twin Systems provided Security testing services (Penetration Testing, updating and patching) to ensure the network was configured in a completely secure design and that this design stood up to testing. In May 2015 all testing was approved and the centres signed off as secure and futureproof. Twin Systems and Trinity College are both looking forward to future work being carried out with the proven track record now in place.