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As phishing attacks and cybercrime increases globally, it’s imperative that businesses ensure that only authorised users access their systems, applications and databases. By installing an extra level of security to your standard local and remote password-only login processes, you can protect your intellectual property and operational tools. Work smarter to keep your information safe and your business intact.

You need the smart Twin approach to security – a simple but extremely effective Two-Factor Authentication system.

Twin’s leading two-factor authentication uses your phone system to produce a unique authentication passcode that is used after the username/password stage of logging in. This protects your system especially as passwords may be easily revealed by human error or a phishing attack. Protect your Hosted Desktop, Hosted Applications, Hosted Servers and your Hosted Web Access services and work safely.

We are pleased to offer Two-Factor Authentication as a free option with Twin’s Email Archive service.

  • Astute risk management
  • Generate passcodes from smartphones, tablets and all older devices with SMS messaging
  • One tap approval or manual input options
  • Free mobile App usable even without WIFI or cell service
  • Small monthly per user fee

Call Twin today to discuss the safer way to efficiently grant colleagues access to your business-critical technology.

How hosted desktop scanning works.

Scan to 3rd party software app

Installed on your Local PC and Hosted Desktop

The 3rd party software application is installed on your local PC and on the Hosted Desktop. This creates a link between the two and allows you to scan directly to the Hosted Desktop, in most cases, directly into the application on Hosted Desktop.

This software is charged for, based on the number of Users you have on your Hosted Desktop server.

The benefit of this software is that it can be used directly within the application on Hosted Desktop however the software only supports TWAIN scanners.

Scan to FTP

Folder setup on Hosted Desktop

An FTP user account and folder path are setup on the Hosted Desktop server by TWIN.

Once created you will need to enter the FTP server details provided by TWIN into the scanner.

This will allow your scanner to scan to a specified folder on your Hosted Desktop server.

Key benefits to this setup are: the FTP account is free, no 3rd party software is required however this setup requires more user interaction, the scanner needs to support: ‘Scan to FTP’ and the Internet connection must have a static IP or VPN.

Scan to email

From email address setup on Hosted Desktop

Scan to Email allows you to scan and email a file to an email address.

TWIN will setup an email address for the scanner to send emails from, you will then need to input the email address and other settings into the scanner.

Key benefits to this setup are: the email address is free, no 3rd party software is required however this setup requires more user interaction similar to Scan to FTP and the scanner needs to support ‘Scan to Email’.

* Each scan option is dependent on your scanner. Contact TWIN support for assistance.

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Twin Systems showed us exactly what was possible. It has enabled us to evaluate our IT costs in detail and at a divisional level as well and has also given us a 100-per-cent accurate asset register. It is an absolutely brilliant management tool for us.

Martin Parker, COO, Harrow Green