Twin Systems have partnered with Grenke, to offer flexible finance options for you to upgrade your IT estate, on a manageable budget. Twins financing service allows you to reduce large IT payments into a manageable and fixed monthly fee, allowing you to invest in additional business resources. Financing allows you to quickly adopt the latest technology as its released, other benefits also include:

  • Improved cash flow – Low capital outlay and planned monthly expenditure helps you to manage your cash flow
  • Increased profitability – use the best technology to increase productivity. Pay for these systems with the increased profit
  • Be tax efficient – Lease rentals are normally 100% allowable against taxable profits. That’s a substantial advantage over paying the total cost up front.
  • Preserve existing credit lines – Leasing does not impact existing lines of credit such as bank loans. So retain access to funding whilst enjoying the best technology.

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Twin went well beyond what I would have expected from an outsourced partner to deliver a great service to our customers.

Gary Woodhall, Chief Technology Office, Kaplan Financial