Do you know you need to update your IT estate, but it’s a lot to invest all at once? Particularly when there are projects that are core to business operations that are a higher priority?

The good news is, Twin Systems can lend a helping hand. Leasing is a great and affordable option to rescue your IT challenges. There are some great reasons why leasing Twin’s great services and products could be the right choice for your organisation.

Cash Flow

Cash is very important to a business. Leasing keeps your cash flow in positive territory, instead of a large outlay at once, you can spread your payment out over a period of time and can be flexible to use cash for more urgent requirements.

Increase Profitability

Why not pay for your equipment as it makes you money… for example, this could be through increased office productivity, get the advantages right now instead of delaying.


Repayments are fixed at the outset. You know exactly how much you will be paying, when you will be paying and how long you will be paying for. Additionally, this frees up your budget for extra spending in other areas, whilst your IT is taken care of.

And just when you begin to think that all, there’s more…

Small Initial outlay

You’ve been thinking about that urgent upgrade for a while now but just can’t justify the upfront cost… with a lease, you can be up and running in no time with a minimal initial outlay. It makes perfect sense.

Tax efficient

Lease rentals are normally 100% allowable against taxable profits that’s a substantial advantage over paying the total cost up front.

Preserves existing credit lines

There is no connection between your leasing agreement and existing credit lines such as; bank overdrafts and loans. These can still be used to fully support your business, with the perks of new equipment and your IT taken care of.

Wish to find out more about the world of possibility when Leasing with Twin’s products and services? Contact one of our helpful advisors today, who will be more than happy to go through solutions and efficient plans to get your IT challenges resolved.

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