Fractional IT Director Services

The Twin Fractional IT Director Service provides your company with a senior executive that serves as a CIO/IT Director and advisor to your business.

Your Fractional IT Director will possess a technical background and be familiar with a broad range of IT platforms and technologies, but will be looking to apply technology solutions that will help you reach your business objectives.

Get the benefit of having someone that brings years of experience operating in diverse IT environments to your business without having to pay for a full-time senior IT executive.

You may ask why we call our IT executives fractional rather than virtual – The simple reason is that virtual in a person sense implies not there – we felt that describing a defined role with clear objectives was not virtual and therefore fractional.

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Nova Victoria is a technical game changer for Twin Systems PLC with the convergence of a number of critical IT Systems being required, Twin Systems and NG Bailey IT Services have had to work together to deliver a complex, collaborative network and I believe we have done so

Tim Squires – Head of Solutions