Data Protection

Data protection! Here at Twin, we understand the value and importance of company data Рwe have gone the extra mile and have the acquired ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 accreditations, to benefit our clients knowing their data is safe. This is why we have specially selected these products which we believe are worth the investment to keep your company cyber secure. Here at Twin, we want to reassure you that your data protection services through us are dedicated, secure and preventative. As well as protecting your data, we can also help with backing up your data. Click here to find out more about Twins data backup service.


Sentinel is designed to identify high-risk users within your business, to then tailor specialised training for their security awareness in order to prevent major damage occurring from these organised attacks. It uses artificial intelligence to discover malicious content within every email received.

Who are the high-risk users?
  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Finance
  • HR & Legal
  • IT & Engineering
  • Admin

Barracuda Sentinel detects both account takeover attempts and attacks launched from compromised accounts. By analysing both historical and inbound data Sentinel is able to identify behavioural, content, and link-forwarding anomalies within your organization, and to flag and quarantine fraudulent emails. It is also able to prevent attempts to compromise employee credentials by automatically blocking targeted phishing emails that try to harvest employee passwords. This product will help to improve your companies network security and to protect your infrastructure by having compliant employees.

Content Shield

Keeping your network safe from malware. Barracuda Content Shield provides URL filters to block users from entering and accessing malicious content. In addition to this, you can also utilise the Content Shield with pre-loaded category filters to block unsuitable content, this will ensure your employees web-browsing remains productive and compliant. You can also receive updates when your operating systems are out-of-date as this can leave your systems vulnerable to security breaches.

Advanced Threat Protection

Microsoft Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) is a cloud-based email service, helping to protect your business against foreign viruses and malware. There are 3 goals of ATP:

Real time visibility
Data awareness


What are the benefits? The ability to react and prevent data breaching¬†attacks as and when they are detected. This provides a network security framework to keep malicious third party threats from compromising your organisation’s data.

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