Snapshot Backups

Gives you the option of having regular snapshots taken of your data to provide additional recovery/restore point.

How could you or your company cope with the loss of vital data as a result of file corruption, accidental or malicious deletion, or any other similar event? Even though our standard back-up and replication service provides daily and weekly restore points this can still result in a considerable amount of lost work. Snapshots help to minimise such loss by creating more frequent restore points that are retained for longer periods.

What are Snapshots?

In the storage world snapshots are a ‘point-in-time’ copy of data which is stored on our SAN (Storage Area Network). One of the primary advantages of storage-based snapshots is

that they eliminate back-up windows; they can be taken at any time, without degrading the performance of virtual machines, giving the ability to provide multiple recovery/restore points to complement standard daily back-up routines.

How does Premium Snapshot work?

This is an add-on service that clients can purchase to complement our various hosted services. Snapshots are taken of your data on an hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly basis then retained to provide rolling recovery points from which TWIN support staff can restore your data.

The standard snapshot frequency and retention periods are:

Hourly: Retained for 48 hours

Daily: Retained for 14 days

Weekly: Retained for 6 weeks

Monthly: Retained for 12 months

There are no storage limits attached to the service.

How Backups Work in Practice

A backup is essentially a point in time ‘Snapshot’ copy of your hosted desktop/virtual server, including all applications and data, taken at defined intervals and kept separately from your live system. These backups provide restore points in the event of loss or corruption to all or part of your working copy.

Everything within the cloud is then Backed Up using either of our backup packages.

Multiple restore points for the cloud

Rolling restore points means the most recent snapshot backup replaces the oldest in each sequence.

Standard Snapshot Backups: 14 active rolling backups made up of daily (every 24hr) snapshots.

Premium Snapshot Backups: 80 active rolling backups made up of hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly snapshots

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