Statement RE Covid-19

As valued clients and suppliers, Twin Systems would like to reassure you that we are dealing effectively with the COVID 19 virus pandemic.

Twin Systems HQ based in the UK (St Albans, Herts) have taken the following measures to ensure that the potential spread of any virus is minimised and the impact reduced.

  • Full deep clean of all “touched surfaces”
  • Strict enforcement of staff and visitor hygiene measures such as hand wash/sanitise when going between departments
  • Any staff showing symptoms are immediately sent home
  • Remote working facility/procedures in place
  • Business Continuity plan fully tested should situation worsen (includes de-camp to alternative office plus workload back off to Twin Systems India)
  • Constant attention to governmental advice and guidance

Currently, we don’t foresee an issue where we would have to invoke Business Continuity arrangements but we are closely monitoring the situation.