The assembly point is the car park

The assembly point is the car park

You might not be there right now. But you have a fire escape plan in your workplace.

Of course you do, it’s a legal requirement.

You’ll have one or two people who act as marshalls. When that fire alarm sounds, it’s their job to make sure everyone’s out of the building in a calm and orderly fashion.

This is sort of how your emergency IT plan should work too.

Hopefully, if you have a security breach it won’t be so bad that everyone needs to evacuate. But someone should be responsible for making sure that an appropriate recovery plan is put into action in an efficient and timely manner.

Crucially, everyone in your business needs to know who to report a potential data breach to (would that be you, or someone else?).

The first step should be to not press any more buttons. And contact us to get on the case immediately.

This is as critical as ever, because your team aren’t physically together, so can’t just chat about it.

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