The Twin Christmas Shell Lego Appeal

The Twin Christmas Shell Lego Appeal

Traditionally at Twin we make a donation to Charity instead of producing Christmas Seasonal Greeting cards. This Year we are collecting the special edition Lego Toys. We are asking all our own colleagues to collect the toys by using a Shell Filling station.

Twin Shell Lego Appeal

We will collect as many as we can and assemble them into sets. When we get to Christmas we will see how many we have. These toys are collectors items and not available on the High St. We will then either donate our collection or auction them off  to raise money for the Hertfordshire Community Foundation children’s fund.

How Can you Help ?

1. When filling your car up please consider using a Shell Petrol station and spend a little of the savings we have all made through lower fuel prices to buy one of the Lego toys and donate it to our appeal. The qualifying spend on Fuel is £30 of the Nitro range. This is slightly more expensive  but the extra works at about £1.50. Then send the toy to us.

2. If you are already collecting for your children and have duplicates please consider donating them to our appeal

3. Making up your collection. If you are short of a particular model and we have one available please contact us and for a donation to our appeal we will send you the model

We will be regularly Tweeting and blogging about our progress. The more toys we can collect the bigger donation we can make to the Hertfordshire Community Foundation

Please contact us for enquiries or to see whether we have a particular model at

Please send any Shell Lego Toys you are able to donate to

Shell Lego Toy Appeal and send them to our Head Office

Thank you for reading this far and our best wishes to yourself, your colleagues and family for a peaceful and relaxing Christmas.