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You’ve got a 50/50 chance your business will grind to a halt next January

OK, so it’s only just turned 2019. But we want you to look ahead to next January, in 2020.

Because there’s a major software problem on the way… and it’s going to affect half of all businesses and organisations.

In January 2020 Microsoft is ending the life of lots of old versions of popular software.

This includes the 2010 version of Office, some popular server software – and Windows 7.

If you have even one computer that runs any of this software, you’ve got a major headache from next January.

You can watch our video here:


We’ve also put together a brand new guide to tell you:

  • Why Microsoft is doing this
  • How to see if you will be affected – anyone can check, regardless of technical ability
  • What the implications are
  • And why you mustn’t wait till next year to take action

Download your copy here.

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