A bad workperson blames their tools

A bad workperson blames their tools

And, sometimes that workperson is right. Here’s what I mean.

It’s likely that in your business your team have different jobs.

  • George might use most of his time writing emails to clients
  • Alice may spend her day editing images
  • And James uses his time creating presentations (and drinking coffee)

So would they all use the same machines for their work?

With different roles come differing needs. Have you ever considered if your equipment meets your team’s specific needs?

Using my example, Alice might benefit from a full HD monitor and a significantly faster computer. Whereas George would be fine with an older all-rounder.

Where do you start though? It’s usually unrealistic to scrap what you have and buy in new equipment for everyone. So look at what everyone is doing and make a list of priorities.

If you have new starters joining your business, it’s also a good time to introduce more ‘personalised’ machines. Matched to each role.

The right equipment can make it easier for everyone to do a better job. It’s an investment that can really pay off.

At any point we can review your team’s computing needs, and see if we can find ways to make them more productive.

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