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What Makes Us.

Together we have been around on the planet for over 500 years and working within technology for half of that.

In Twin’s history we have handled over a million incidents and kept over 20 thousand users sane. Some of our favourite films are Top Gun, Whiplash, Blazing Saddles, Moulin Rouge, Elysium and A Fish called Wanda. We are equally split between Star Wars fans and Trekkies (although everyone knows Star Trek is real)

Your Key Contacts

Paul Songaila

Sales and Operations Director

Phil Helsey

Projects Director

Steve Songaila

Development Director

Matthew Young

Matthew Young

Sales Manager

Wendy Scott

Head of Finance and HR

Tim Squires

Head of Solutions

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Nova Victoria is a technical game changer for Twin Systems PLC with the convergence of a number of critical IT Systems being required, Twin Systems and NG Bailey IT Services have had to work together to deliver a complex, collaborative network and I believe we have done so

Tim Squires – Head of Solutions