Cyber Essentials is a UK Government backed scheme designed to protect your organisation – regardless of size, industry and location – against 80% of the most routine cyber attacks, reducing the risk of business disruption and downtime, whilst demonstrating your commitment to cyber security.

Whilst these attacks come in various shapes and sizes, the majority are pretty basic, executed by rather unskilled individuals – the online equivalent of a local burglar trying your car door to see if
it’s unlocked – tedious, tiring and time-consuming for any business owner.

Reassuring current customers and new clients that you are serious about cyber security and gaining an industry-respected Government certification are both real business benefits of undertaking the programme; it is also worth remembering that some high profile contracts are only given to Cyber Essentials-certified organisations and you could benefit from discounted cyber-insurance cover.

Cyber Essentials self-assessment certification gives you peace of mind and protection against most common attacks; remember that vulnerability to basic attacks can identify you as a target for more aggressive attention from cyber criminals. Cyber Essentials walks you through how to prepare for and guard against the most common attacks; responses to the questionnaire in the toolkit assist you in developing a practical action plan.

Cyber Essentials delivers real peace of mind, often saving you money, and improving productivity, as well as reassuring clients of your commitment to security and offering new business opportunities.

Cost £1995+vat (includes certification and two days consultancy)

Please call us on 01727 818271 or drop us a line at to arrange a no obligation chat about how Cyber Essentials can set you up for a safer 2023.

“Paul has just done a brilliant job of helping us achieve Cyber Essentials certification. Paul has acted as our expert guide, leading us through the steps required to achieve and maintain best practice, patiently translating the IT jargon into English and helping us understand the process.” DB, Chartered Accountant, Hertfordshire

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