Dave in accounts has a password disaster

Dave in accounts has a password disaster

So you probably know that cyber crime is a massive threat to businesses everywhere.

You probably also know that poor password practice is a major contributing factor in data breaches and hacking attacks…

… if not THE major contributing factor.

If you’ve already got your password procedures sorted and you’re confident you’re doing everything possible to keep your business safe, that’s great.

But if you’re among the thousands of business owners and managers who keep winging it, now’s the time to change.

Because it only takes Dave in accounts to keep using the password “ManCity123” to put your business at a shockingly high level of risk.

We’ve written a brand new guide called “5 terrifying password stats that prove your business is at risk”.

Click here to download it, instantly

And if you are concerned about any aspect of passwords in your business, just contact us.

There’s nothing to be ashamed about. Frankly, we’d rather more people did call us before something bad happened to them.

Call us on 0345 313 1483 or drop us a line at letstalk@twinsystems.com to arrange a time to talk on the phone.

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