Infrastructure & Networking

Safeguarding your IT infrastructure is a complex business and having expert partners is more important than ever.

What we bring to the party:

  • Patching and updating all the components of your IT network routers, firewalls, and switches
  • We only ever use reputable, fully tested, and secure IT hardware if a replacement is required
  • Regular IT hardware and software maintenance, ensuring bottle necks and IT equipment failures are minimised
  • IT Security updates are carried out in a safe test environment before being released into live environments.
  • Regular incident scenarios are run, ensuring your data remains safe in our backup and disaster recovery system, Twin Vault

Technology is a powerful tool for business growth and efficiency, but only if properly planned and implemented; choosing the right IT partner like Twin Systems is now more important than ever.

We start with an audit of existing IT hardware and software, then discuss and agree what you need today, and tomorrow.

Performance: What is required at the user end – a designer will have a very different blueprint to a solicitor; we know what you need.

Future proofing: You need bang for your buck to please the FD, for it to last as long as possible all the while not compromising security. We get it.

Innovative thinking: We are always looking to improve what came before….. faster, better, or more cost effective, sometimes all three.

Security: Your IT infrastructure is a target for the bad guys, all they need is one weak device, process or procedure and it’ll be game over. Not on our watch.

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