*Frustration Alert* Install updates?

*Frustration Alert* Install updates?

Isn’t it frustrating when that message appears? Do you want to install updates?

Typically, you’ve just sat down, full of enthusiasm for the day ahead… when an update message pops up.

So what do you do? If you’re like most people you’ll ask it to remind you later. Nothing is going to stop you from tackling the 101 jobs you had planned for today.

But then tomorrow? Later.

The next day? Later.

Day after that? Later.

Yet delaying that update is risking you a bigger setback later on. Because not only do updates and maintenance ensure you’re working on the most current versions of software. They also keep your machine protected from the latest malware and threats.

If you hear any of your staff moaning about this, we can fix it really quickly. We can set updates to happen when they’re not working.

To keep the business safe, and productivity high at the same time. They just need to tell us they’re having that problem.

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