Mind the Gap – introducing technology that works for everyone

Mind the Gap – introducing technology that works for everyone

The challenge all companies are facing is how to introduce new technology that appeals to millennial’sĀ  whilst not alienating older generations who can be wary of change.

But is the gap as big as we suspect ? Probably not and surely it is in everyone’s interest to minimise that gap?

Here are some areas to consider when introducing new technology.

1. Lets lose the tags

It’s a little bit too easy to pigeon hole people and we all do it. You know the thing Bob is great at sorting out difficult customers, and Sue can always finish a project off. We identify traits in people because we find it easier and more practical sometimes to have a preset view on someone. However when that view is very generic in fact a whole generation probably not that useful. So always try to mix teams up and be as inclusive as possible when forming working or project teams.

2. Remote workers are still part of the team

From face time, to Instant Messaging services such as Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger we can always be connected wherever we are. It is still easy though to consider a meeting as only really valid if it is physical and everyone is touching elbows – those days are gone get over it. So when introducing any technology get as many opinions as possible from as wide range of colleagues as possible -wherever they are

3. The era of the benign dictator as a leadership style is over

Lets face it it was probably past it’s sell by when Michael Douglas was saying ‘Lunch is for Wimps’ in Wall Street in the eighties. The technology industry and internal IT teams have a reputation which is often deserved for imposingĀ  technology on users. Today’s teams want to consulted about changes to the systems that facilitate their work, so start with asking them what systems they would design to do their jobs better.

4. Consider your workspaces

We are often not very good at using the technology we deploy to build the technology we deploy so consider work spaces as virtual and physical environments.

Consider where your teams can work quietly, where they can work as a team and how this can be facilitated by remote working.

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