Struggling to get Proposals sent?

Struggling to get Proposals sent?

Had to get a proposal out sharpish last week, it got me thinking is there a way I could raw material required out to the potential client quicker than currently is the case. The issue we have here at Twin (in common with many Technology Support companies) is each offering can be different to the last and because of the technical content is not easily delegated.

So instead of editing the usual Word and Excel documents I decided to do some research and shortlist three types of proposal creating software then select one from that. To cut a long story short the winner was Better Proposals several features stood out for me.

· The templates were very good, found one that matched what we did almost perfectly (time saver there)

· I was able to brand the template very easily

· You can track your proposals and see where the prospect stopped and pondered the offering for example

· It also has a great feature based on Artificial Intelligence (apparently) that tells you how to improve your proposal to improve the chances of conversion (i.e. reducing the number of options that you have offered

It’s early days but very pleased with what I’ve seen so far and importantly Twin don’t sell this product or get endorsements for it so this is a truly independent view point how refreshing is that nowadays?