Technology Consultancy

I know it’s that word and we did think of other words, but when it comes down to it they are just words for what we often do for our clients – consultancy. It’s not about us though is it? Your challenges are where our IT consultancy services can help.

Perhaps you are just after advice or perhaps are looking at a process to generate your options around the next step in your future strategy. Using our experience we can help with processes, challenging some assumptions you may have made regarding your existing investment or starting with a discovery process where we give you an overview of your entire infrastructure and its status. You and your colleagues will find us approachable, pragmatic and above all experienced in the delivery of the solutions we agree.

Three areas where we often work with clients are:

Discovery: Our monitoring and asset manage services aren’t always for life although we would like them to be..They can be deployed rapidly to give you a snapshot of your infrastructure to ensure you have an up to date and accurate record of your assets including everything from hardware to software licences. This often leads to cost savings as you only assign support services to assets you have now.

Cloud Migration: A growing number of organisations are considering a move to public and hybrid clouds to increase business and IT agility, compete more effectively, and replace outdated data centres and applications. Unfortunately, migrating enterprise applications carries risks of delays, service interruptions and project failure.

Connectivity and Performance Issues: These can be complex and it can take months or even years to decide what to move and where to move it. To lead organizations through this journey, Twin provides a consultancy to thoroughly assess your options, ensure a successful migration and, if needed, manage your future environment.

Infrastructure Audit and Review

Sometimes what you need most is an external, independent expert opinion. The Twin Infrastructure Audit will help you to better understand what you have in place; what’s fit-for-business and, more importantly, what falls short of current best practice and might be causing you unnecessary risk or performance issues.

The review will concentrate on the technology aspect of your environment and provide a health check on the current system, services and servers, as well as security issues and risk exposure. Plan-Net will also conduct the review of existing infrastructure against the organisation’s future requirements and plans for growth.

The overall objective is to have an independent organisation validate areas of strengths and good working practices as well as providing recommendations for improvement.

The audit can simply focus on the core technology and infrastructure or cover the people and process elements of the operation too. The review can also assist in prioritising technology improvements and spend.

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Twin went well beyond what I would have expected from an outsourced partner to deliver a great service to our customers.

Gary Woodhall, Chief Technology Office, Kaplan Financial