Ten reasons to consider a CoLo service

Ten reasons to consider a CoLo service

A colocation facility (CoLo) provides space, cooling, power, bandwidth and physical security for businesses that need to rent space for their servers and other significant computing hardware and is usually leased by the rack, cabinet, cage or room depending on client requirements.

There are many reasons why a business could decide on a CoLo rather than building its own data centre:

  • CapEx associated with your own facility
  • ongoing cost savings over on-premise servers
  • enhanced sustainability credentials
  • strict security protocols offer protection against cyberattacks.
  • on-site technical support services.
  • additional space to accommodate growth.
  • comprehensive four-tier SLAs
  • flexible pricing i.e. rack space or sq. ft. floor space
  • boutique or multinational providers
  • positive impact in ensuring business continuity

Twin’s colocation services allow you to host your own server hardware in our state-of-the-art Data Centre in Harlow; we provide a range of management options and hardware replacement services.

Clients with more substantial requirements can choose from quarters, half and full individually lockable racks subject to availability and also offer installation of your hardware so that you don’t have to travel to our facility each time you need work done.

Please call us on 01727 818271 or drop us a line at paul.songaila@twinsystems.com to arrange a no obligation chat about how CoLo might be a game changer for your technology estate in 2023.