That offer’s too good to be true

That offer’s too good to be true

We all love a bargain. Buying things online is getting the country through this crisis.

However, when you’re searching for stuff online, it’s always worth remembering that if something seems too good to be true… it probably is.

Of course a fancy coffee machine at 90% discount is appealing. And that new website designer does have incredibly low fees.

But will you actually receive anything once you’ve handed your money over?

If you land on a website offering something you want at an unbeatable price, do your research first. Look at the website address. Is it or is it actually Does it have a trust mark? Is there a padlock in the address bar?

Check the spelling and grammar on the website. Is it perfect English, or could someone do with a spellcheck (or even English phrase book)?

Look at the ‘About us’ page. Does the company’s address match with what you’d expect? And what’s the returns policy like?

If you’re still not sure, look for some online reviews. If there are loads you’re probably safe (unless the reviews are terrible). If you struggle to find any it’s likely a bad sign.

As time goes on, cyber criminals are becoming more and more sophisticated in their techniques, so be vigilant. Never, I repeat, NEVER, make a bank transfer to a business you don’t know.

We will always be happy to help if you need any advice about scam websites, or want to check a website out. Even during home working it’s important to stay on top of this (in fact, more important).

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