The simple security step that protects your business

The simple security step that protects your business

Did you know that cyber crime is now the number one threat to UK businesses?

It costs the economy £27 billion a year. Ouch. So we all need to take a no-nonsense approach to online security.

A password alone is no longer enough to keep your business-critical data safe. Because most of the time, it’s the people who are the weakest link in the chain.

If a member of your staff sets their password to Fluffy1234, that’s a hack waiting to happen. And yes we’ve seen weak passwords like that over the years… 🙄

This is why we often recommend you add an extra layer of security with something called multi-factor authentication.

We’ve put together a short video outlining:

  • What this is
  • How you’re already using it for things like online banking
  • And why you need it for your business

You can watch our video here:

If you want to add multi-factor authentication to your set up, please call us on 0345 313 1483 or drop us a line at

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