Two-Factor Authentication

Provides an extra layer of security to your local and remote logins.

Many organizations and users protect local and remote logins with only a simple username and password, entering these two pieces of information grants access to company databases, applications, email accounts, and other sensitive information. Passwords are notoriously insecure, many users choose weak passwords which can be easily guessed or cracked. Phishing attacks trick people daily into revealing their passwords, and users on unsecured networks (e.g. at coffee shops) can have their passwords sniffed. Clearly passwords are not enough for protecting important logins.

The most practical way to strengthen authentication is to require a second factor after the username/password stage. Two-Factor Authentication from TWIN uses your phone system to provide a unique authentication passcode and is available for a small per user per month fee for the following TWIN services:

  • Hosted Desktop
  • Hosted Applications
  • Hosted Servers
  • Hosted Web Access

Two-Factor Authentication is offered as a free option with our Email Archive service using only your smartphone and a free mobile app.

All users are prompted to self-enroll (a simple two minute process) once you have signed up to Two-Factor for any of the above services.

The subscription version can be used with smartphones, tablets and all older devices that support SMS messaging. After logging in as normal with username and password the user can request an authentication to be sent instantly to their smartphone for one tap approval or, a passcode to input manually can be generated via the free mobile app even when no Wi-Fi or cell service is available. For older devices Two-Factor can send passcodes via SMS text messages.

The Authentication Process:

  1. Enter username and password as normal
  2. Choose how to authenticate:
    One tap authentication – sent direct to your smartphone
    Generate passcode via free app – enter code on screen
    Request passcode via SMS – enter code on screen
  3. You are logged in!
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