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Connect anywhere, anytime with a Virtual Desktop.

For the end-user, the experience of using a hosted virtual desktop with Twin Systems is identical to that of a desktop PC – it looks, feels and behaves exactly the same. Your virtual desktop appears as if it was running locally on your machine and is delivered to you in exactly the same way regardless of where you are working, whether this is in the office on a PC or Mac, at home on a laptop or tablet or on the move with a smartphone. Hosted IT opens up a range of benefits, including:

IT integration – combine your IT infrastructure
Work from anywhere – access your data anywhere with an internet connection, at any time
IT support – full support provided alongside the service
Reduce your IT cost & save on energy bills – you could save an estimated £94 per annum on electricity per server
Business continuity – backups and replications ensure in the event of a disaster, your business can continue as normal


Our virtual desktop hosting services start from as little as £30.00 per user, per month. New users can be added within 24 hours notice, giving you scalability and a cost-effective IT solution.

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Twin Systems are a very professional and friendly IT support practice and have been overlooking and maintaining Church Lukas’ IT infrastructure for well over 15 years. Twin Systems endeavour to rectify all issues efficiently and promptly, overseeing all aspects and providing support from hardware of servers, workstations and laptops to resolving issues with all forms of software. With the wealth of knowledge and experience Twin Systems have, Church Lukas will always seek advice from them on any future designs on upgrading or improving the IT infrastructure for the practice. Where they are willing to act and order any hardware and software we require on our behalf. Church Lukas look forward to continuing our working relationship with Twin Systems for many more years to come.

Paul Hobbs, Technical Administrator, Church Lukas