We had an IT emergency last week…

We had an IT emergency last week…

We had an IT emergency last week…

A client had to quickly leave their building due to a structural issue that has presented itself. We got the call on the Monday to say that the situation had deteriorated to such an extent that they needed their Server and associated equipment relocated and possibly hosted at Twin HQ.

Well there’s short notice and there’s, wow right, let’s get cracking.

We got the team together, got to the site, powered down everything, transported it to Twin HQ got it all up and running as a colocation piece, and set up full access for 20 users.

This possibly is the difference between some larger organisations and the smaller more flexible guys who can help at the drop of a hat. Even more importantly you never really know how good your IT support company is until a real test presents itself.

Although it’s nice to think the incident scenario would have been included in any business continuity plan you can’t allow for everything, so in that case proper flexible IT partnerships are paramount.

So here’s some food for thought

· Is your IT support remotely based only?

· How quickly can they get a tech team to the site?

· Have you got a dedicated account manager and are they available to you?

· Are the founders still in the business and or do they still care that much?

· Is your IT support company part of your business continuity plan?