Why Choose Twin?

So why do our clients choose us? In truth, they would have to answer that but to find out for yourself please contact us.

We never lose sight of the fact that all our clients have a choice of who they trust with providing digital services and technology support to their business.

We can be trusted.

Our business has seen a few changes in technology, its provision and support. We can’t say it has always been easy transitioning through technology cycles, yet we have and built a business that we are proud of and our clients are proud to partner with. They trust us to work with technologies as they emerge, ensure they add real benefit to our clients and then deliver time after time products and services that match that promise.

You’re busy and we get that.

Our team includes experts in the technologies that we use and deploy as you would expect but we also have Account teams and Executives that understand your busy and sometimes we just have to get on with the job. Their role is to provide full transparency of what we are delivering to you whilst minimising the time it takes you to understand how we are doing. We do that through regular account meetings, reports and communications tailored to you.

Technology is our language but service is our name.

Twin started as a service business and whilst growing to provide you with solutions we are a service company at heart. We aren’t as some of our competitors are a box shifting company that has made the leap into services without the heart for the business. We started as a service business and will always be true to that philosophy.


Where we believe that accreditations are worthwhile we will gain them to ensure we operate at the highest levels of professionalism. These include our ISO status and the manufacturer accreditations we have and continue to gain.

Cool Under Pressure.

Hence our strapline! We have seen and been involved in some pretty tight spots with our customers. Longevity in the technology service is built on standing your ground with your clients when things or situations are conspiring against us. We aren’t clock watchers and when it matters we aren’t ones to start poring over your contract. Our aim is always to resolve the issue and then see how we can ensure processes and technology can be improved to learn from the experience.

We can't wait to meet you, let us know how to find you.
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