Your staff are going to take you down

Your staff are going to take you down

Do you invest in training your staff so they learn new skills and expand their knowledge?

Of course you do. It’s in your best interest to give them every tool available to become experts at what they do. If they’re amazing at their job your business will make more money and grow bigger.

What about training them to protect your business from one of the biggest risks of the modern age: Cyber crime.

Believe it or not, your staff are your weakest point when it comes to a cyber security breach.

As hacking techniques become ever more sophisticated, it’s becoming very difficult for them to decipher a genuine email or web page from a fake.

Hackers target all businesses with phishing emails, malware and even ransomware. In some cases, an attack is enough to cripple and potentially kill your business.

It’s never been more crucial to make sure everyone in your business is aware of the risk.

So we’ve written a guide to help you get your staff on-board with cyber security.

It details 9 key ways you can prevent your business from falling victim to an attack.

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