Are your Microsoft Systems end of life in 2019 and out of road ?

Are your Microsoft Systems end of life in 2019 and out of road ?


In late 2019 Microsoft Systems will become end of life. Microsoft will be ending support for both its Windows 7 operating system and Office 2010. This means that any devices running these editions will soon lose support. Here are five reasons why you should already be preparing to avoid this by planning for this now.

1. Protection is crucial

There will be no new security patches, upgrades or refreshes for the out of date software. Do you believe in luck? We don’t. New threats are created daily and they rely on the vulnerabilities of all systems. On a 24 hour 7 day a week basis  Microsoft are assessing their systems and bringing out fixes to ensure that they are secure as possible. This will stop when these products become end of life.

2. System migrations take time and planning

The upgrade  across to Microsoft  Windows 10 and Office 365 may not be a quick and simple procedure. For instance, all peripheral devices  printers and scanners will need to be assessed to determine whether they support Windows 10. It is likely that you will also have line of business software that requires testing and upgrading in the new environment. This will require careful planning so as not to disrupt business processes. We are authorised Microsoft 365 Partners

3. Training

While some staff may feel comfortable operating on different versions of software, others may find the changes difficult to adjust to. If preparations don’t begin now, it might be too late to factor this in and employees could be left feeling that they don’t have the skills to excel in their roles. Not a great morale booster is it ?

4. Investment will be required

Businesses should also be aware of underestimating costs. Senior managers and stakeholders must understand the scale of the change to guarantee that financial investment is available for a smooth and successful transition. Microsoft Systems end of life 2019 planning includes:

  • Budgeting for replacements of incompatible hardware
  • Reduced productivity during the migration period
  • Provision of new software licenses.

5. You will benefit

This is a great opportunity to simplify and improve your systems. Lets face it most organisations don’t run like the ones you see in the stock photo’s do they ? all shiny new ipads and flat screens. There is a real opportunity with a planned Microsoft Systems end of life 2019 migration to ensure your systems match your business goals. So you could say this is a great opportunity.

What now?

The next step is to take a look at our simple guide to confirm whether you are going to be affected or not which you can find here

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