Liquid Cooling Innovation for a Highly Efficient Data Centre

Liquid Cooling Innovation for a Highly Efficient Data Centre

The Lenovo ThinkSystem SD650 V2 dual-node tray is designed for High-Performance Computing (HPC), large-scale cloud, heavy simulations and modelling. It supports Lenovo Neptune™ Direct to Node (DTN) technology as well as workloads from technical computing, grid deployments, and analytics, and is ideally suited for fields such as research, life sciences, energy, simulation, and engineering.

The unique design of ThinkSystem SD650 V2 provides the optimal balance of serviceability, performance, and efficiency. By using a standard rack with the ThinkSystem DW612 enclosure equipped with patented stainless steel dripless quick connectors, the SD650 V2 provides easy serviceability and extreme density that is well-suited for clusters ranging from small enterprises to the world’s largest supercomputers.

The Lenovo Neptune™ DTN doesn’t use risky plastic retrofitting but custom-designed copper water loops, so you have peace of mind implementing a platform with liquid cooling at the core of the design.

Compared to other technology the ThinkSystem SD650 V2’s direct water cooling reduces costs, is quiet, efficient and enables growth:

It can reduce data centre energy costs by up to 40% while increasing system performance by up to 10%, can deliver up to 90% heat removal efficiency and creates a quieter data centre with its fan-less design as well as enabling data centre growth without adding CRACs

The SD650 V2 is designed to provide highest CPU performance density adhering to industry standards like the 19-inch rack footprint or standard 42U rack heights at 2 meters. To truly support every scale, it is available starting at a single tray within a single Enclosure in the rack to thousands of clustered nodes in hundreds of racks in the data centre.

ThinkSystem SD650 V2 servers provide a dense, flexible solution with a low TCO. The half-wide, dual-socket server is designed for data centres that require high performance but are constrained by floor space. By taking up less physical space in the data centre, the SD650 V2 enhances density and supports the Intel Xeon Scalable Family of processors, including the Q-suffix processor that requires water cooling.

One of the main advantages of direct water cooling is the water can be relatively warm and still be very effective, as water conducts heat much more effectively than air. Depending on the server configuration, 85 – 90% of the heat is removed by water cooling; the rest can easily be managed by a standard computer room air conditioner.

With allowable inlet temperatures for the water being as high as 50°C (122°F), in many cases the water can be cooled by using ambient air and chilled water and a heat exchanger is not required.