IT support isn’t just for when your technology starts to go wrong, it is also vital to have IT support that offers IT solutions and maintenance. This includes your equipment – by ensuring your IT equipment stays in good health, goes hand in hand keeping business working effectively. With our in-house IT helpdesk, and our comprehensive company devices inventory, we are able to track and monitor your IT equipment to keep your IT infrastructure running smoothly and up to date with current operating standards, this keeps your business running without the strain of dated technology.

Unfortunately, IT equipment like all of us, requires some TLC! Twins cost-effective team of specialist IT engineers are equipped with the knowledge and experience to fix your issues without causing mass disruption to your business.


Great partner deals
Experienced support team
Friendly & knowledgeable sales team
Keeping you connected & up-to-date
IT inventories for all company devices


When it comes to your IT equipment, every business has their own preferred requirements. Twins experience and valued partnerships enable customers to receive fantastic cost saving deals across the industries most loved technology brands, including HP and Dell.

Whilst refreshing your IT estate is necessary, it is sometimes the initial cost which halts this process. Why not check out our IT leasing options to make this option more manageable to keep your business operating to its maximum potential.

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Twin Systems are a very professional and friendly IT support practice and have been overlooking and maintaining Church Lukas’ IT infrastructure for well over 15 years. Twin Systems endeavour to rectify all issues efficiently and promptly, overseeing all aspects and providing support from hardware of servers, workstations and laptops to resolving issues with all forms of software. With the wealth of knowledge and experience Twin Systems have, Church Lukas will always seek advice from them on any future designs on upgrading or improving the IT infrastructure for the practice. Where they are willing to act and order any hardware and software we require on our behalf. Church Lukas look forward to continuing our working relationship with Twin Systems for many more years to come.

Paul Hobbs, Technical Administrator, Church Lukas