Retiring the BT copper network

Retiring the BT copper network

The current analogue copper network is over one hundred years old and is progressively costly to maintain. Whilst the consequences will be positive – faster broadband speeds and higher quality service for us all – the digital upgrade might seem daunting as over fifteen million premises and homes will need to adopt alternative technologies over the next three years.

BT’s UK network uses around 0.6% of the UK’s energy consumption, so the upgrade will have a significant downstream impact on carbon emissions.

A national fibre broadband rollout has been scheduled by Openreach and whilst landline phones are seen less and less these days copper lines also connect other essential services including:

  • ISDN (Integrated Service Digital Network)
  • Red telephone boxes
  • Emergency phones in lifts
  • Retail payment terminals
  • Cash machines
  • House alarms
  • London Underground light signals
  • Traffic lights

The current copper network provides backup power ensuring these systems work during a power cut but once the network is switched off, unless alternative power or batteries are provided, they will not.

So what does it mean for you? It is crucial to identify anything in your business that will be affected before the copper network switch off and whilst the deadline may feel like a long way away, swift action is needed to get the right technology to keep you connected.

Twin Systems partnered with 3CX back in 2018 and now offers clients the very best in VOIP services, which will safeguard your existing services and offer much, much more.

  • Take calls from your browser
  • Mobile apps for iOS & Android
  • Free video conferencing
  • Integrated call centre solution
  • Know who’s calling
  • Microsoft 365 integration
  • Free Live Chat
  • WhatsApp integration
  • Answer business text messages

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