2E2 In Administration – Need reliable IT Support?

2E2 In Administration – Need reliable IT Support?

Having been in the industry since 1990 Twin Systems Ltd has seen many other organisations come and go in challenging times. The most recent case being 2E2

When a company like 2E2 goes under and the press headlines have died down, the often forgotten victims are left to pick up the pieces with no IT support, data that needs to housed offsite and a lack of quality IT assistance. Deciding on where to look next can be difficult, with uncertainties and time pressure.

Twin Systems Ltd provide a complete IT solution in the following areas –

IT Support/ Managed Services, Cloud/ Co-location hosting at a secure data centre, Disaster Recovery/ Business Continuity, IT Consultancy, IT Outsourcing.

Unlike other organisations, Twin Systems provide this consistently and reliably and have a proven track record over the last 20 years.

If you are affected by these circumstances and would like to discuss options available to you, call Twin Systems Ltd on 0845 3131 483 or email contactus@twinsystems.com to speak to one of our specialist team and we will be pleased to help.