5 weeks till that day

5 weeks till that day

There are now 5 weeks until Christmas day in fact the afternoon of Christmas day when if past times are anything to go by, family discussions and not a few heated debates around a Monopoly or Scrabble board. fast forward to the 25th December and pause for thought? Will you have completed a plan for your success in 2015 ? I promise you the turkey will


taste better if you have. A saying I try to live by is that what you do today will affect your week, what you achieve this week will shape your year. What your achieve this month will determine the outcome of your year.

Here are some rules I use when building plans and setting goals. The first one is to ascertain the size of the goal and ensure I do not confuse tasks with Goals. I often see objectives that seem to confuse complexity and difficulty. For instance One goal might be contact my top 5 clients on a regular basis the second  build, agree and launch a new service product. Whilst both are worthy objectives the second is part of a more complex objective that requires splitting down into bite sized chunks.

1. Set your goals into realistic levels and split up bigger objectives into bite sized tasks         

Once you have a list of objectives put them through the SMART objective filter. Every goal should be as outlined in this diagram

smart objectives

2. Ensure your Goals and objectives are SMART

The third area that is soften overlooked is regular review of your goals. Make it easy for yourself. Perhaps draw up a short presentation than you can refer to each morning, setup some automated texts or emails that are to yourself over the year. Write the key points down and keep them close to hand for regular referral.

3. Review your goals on a regular basis

So in summary it is probably a great time to map out your success in 2015 just before that first glass of wine and minced pie !