Case Study – NG Bailey IT Services

Nova Victoria

Due to the partnership that NG Bailey and Twin Systems Ltd proved successful upon delivering 20 Fenchurch Street, Twin Systems were awarded the IT consultancy services contract by NG Bailey IT Services to install and configure a large scale primarily server based environment at another flagship development for the customer in Victoria, London.

Whilst the client was the same as 20 Fenchurch Street, the specifications were considerably more detailed with a number of complex protocols and services required to be run.

Nova Victoria Case Study

Due to the nature of the premises there were a number of buildings which all need to be configured as independent networks but at the same time have access to common services, the specification called for both the Network and the Microsoft networks to be joined but with the option to terminate the link at any time should a building be sold to another landlord.

NG Bailey and Twin Systems worked together collaboratively to design and implement an innovative solution that exceeds the required specification and will provide the client with a flexible, best practice, futureproof solution which is at any time able to be compartmentalised per building should it be required.