Less than 100 days to go…

Less than 100 days to go…

In less than 100 days, Microsoft officially switches off all support for lots of very popular software.

It will reach its end of life. Meaning if it breaks or gets hacked, Microsoft won’t fix it.

And this isn’t obscure software we’re talking about. It’s Windows 7, Office 2010, and a load of server software.

Half of all businesses will be affected.

And it’s terrifying us how many of them a) still don’t know about this, or b) know, but haven’t taken action yet.

Because the only way round this is to upgrade the software to newer versions.

That doesn’t always have to mean new computers. But expired software is a major security risk, and also against GDPR. The risks are huge.

Please don’t put this aside and then have a panic on 30th December. It’ll be too late to help you then.

If you know you have some of this out of date software – or you’re not sure –please get in touch.

We can check for you and advise on your options.

Call us on 0345 313 1483 or drop us a line at letstalk@twinsystems.com

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