Insider Threat – Is Your Colleague your weakest link ?

Insider Threat – Is Your Colleague your weakest link ?

A recent report by EY¬† The inside threat with some authority identified insider threat as the biggest threat to data and company security today. It brings to mind the old adage that Generals always fight today’s battles with the mindset of the last. It could be just as true of data security and the protection of your company’s network. The emphasis was and still is on digital security and complex password software. In fact is that Insider Threat minimisation is about a pre defined set of standards and policies that are developed and endorsed by senior management.

The areas the report suggests to be considered are:

1. Gain Senior Leader endorsement – ensure that the exec team 100% understands the threat and will ensure that protocols are adhered to.

2. Develop real world processes – recognise how your company works and develop processes that are relevant

3. Place Information Governance at the core of your IT policies

4. Big data isn’t just for big brother. Data analytics has a real part to play in identifying risks and ensuring strategic planning can be carried out with real data

5. Coordinate with all stakeholders. It is easy for technologists to remain in their silo and not work with colleagues across all disciplines. Steering groups and project teams have to be multi discipline

6. Ensure personnel screening is extensive. Our connect world means that clients and suppliers are often privy to sensitive data, ensure these are all included in screening programmes.

7. Implement standard policies. Ensure that policies are transparent and well documented and uniform standards are applied

8. Induct, Train and Train again. Cyber threat is an evolving business risk, the surest way to minimise this risk is to ensure that your staff are fully aware of current risks and all current preventative policies.

It is probably worth remembering that threats can come from anywhere even a teddy bear ! The Teddy Bear is listening

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