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Missed calls kill sales

Missed calls kill sales. Answerphones kill sales too.

And both of these things are so easy to avoid. Using an up-to-date VOIP phone system.

You’ve probably heard of VOIP. They’re phones that use your internet connection, rather than the traditional phone lines.

And that makes them very cost effective, and unbelievably flexible.

You’ll be able to make huge cost savings, and thanks to instant notifications and easy call forwarding you’ll never miss an important call or message.

You can even integrate your landline with your mobile so you can hold conference calls when you’re out and about. Other benefits include:

  • Fast set up over the internet
  • Crystal clear calls to and from anywhere in the world
  • Flexible and scalable
  • Constant backups and monitoring
  • Built-in disaster recovery
  • Secure call encryption
  • Bespoke on-hold music

Time for a change? Join the millions of other UK businesses enjoying low-cost, high quality calls with more flexibility than ever before.

Let’s chat. And we can look into this for your business. Call us on 0345 313 1483 or drop us a line at

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