Retail Co-working – Will your next office be next to Costa?

Retail Co-working – Will your next office be next to Costa?

A question often posed in the news is what is theĀ  future of our High Streets ? An emerging trend is the adoption of Retail Co-working. It is no surprise that one of the hippest co-working providers has already moved into this space – literally ! We Work the ever so trendy flexible workspace giant has just bought a flagship ex retail store and intends to use it as it’s HQ and provide some of it’s offering from there

The question probably to ask is would that work in the UK ? and I guess the resounding answer is a firm yes. If workspace could be provided near major hubs with all the facilities that are clustered around them it could be an ideal solution to utilising retail space as online shopping takes an ever increasing share of retail spending.

Whether you are lucky enough to be working on 5th Avenue in New York is probably down to your geographical territory and business plan. It is not however a trend that is about to go away anytime soon. Recent reports suggest that Retail co-working is very much a trend that is only just beginning to gather traction. If this is the case what should your technology stategfy be ?

1. Place Security at the core of your thinking

Whilst you might have your own space within a Retail Co-working environment you will invariably be using shared spaces at some point. It is vital that you have considered all the potential threats to your systems and ensured they are secure, after all you might not know who your neighbours are. Twin provide a range of security servicesĀ

2. Ensure that there is a written code of open working practices

This would include awareness of the importance of everything from password protection to ensuring that if used in an open plan office with users who are from different companies that screen filters are provided.

3. Connect if at all possible through your own network

Many shared spaces will offer use for a charge…of their connectivity. Wherever possible we would recommend that you stipulate you will use your own network. This ensures you have control over all aspects of your data and are less vulnerable to cyber attack. It is also worth remembering that most security breaches in a standard office environment are likely to have been generated by co-workers, this is unlikely to be any different in a retail co-working space.

4. Apply the same standards to Retail Co-working spaces

If you are a UK or even Global business then start from the ground up by specifying minimum standards that you require to be adhered to in very location. It is too easy to let a divisional Manager or Director get carried away and sign an agreement without the technology team having sight of it.

Co-working spaces can offer a great advantage to any business in terms of agility and location, a few simple processes and an emphasis on security will ensure that advantage isn’t soured by a security breach.

We work with many clients who operate entirely or partially in co-working spaces, please get in touch to discuss how to safely work in a co-working space



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