The 9 areas of technology that your toughest competitors are already outsourcing

The 9 areas of technology that your toughest competitors are already outsourcing

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At Twin Systems, we specialise in Outsourced IT support. Outsourcing aspects of your business to third-party service providers with the specialist expertise is a must in this competitive modern market. In 2013, 43% of the IT sector had been outsourced according to Udemy statistics, which rose to 60% the year after. Deloitte predicts that outsourcing as a whole will continue to expand at rates between 12 % -26% depending on what industry you work in. What with the rapid expansion of information technology and logistics networks over the last decade, businesses need to continue developing skills and knowledge in order to succeed. By utilising superior sources of knowledge from outside company walls, businesses can ensure they stay on top of any developments in the industry at the same time as never taking their eye off the ball within their own company. Less excess functional work in-house means employees can focus on the company goal rather than the necessary side effects that come with it.

Economically speaking, assigning particular jobs to the right people ensures money is spent efficiently and not wasted. In a business market that never seems to sleep, companies cannot afford to miss out on any opportunity to maximise their productivity.

Of the many areas that companies can outsource, technology will probably be the most beneficial. The progressive nature of technology means it will forever be in a state of flux, requiring constant attention and study. The best way to cope is to outsource – the work can be done faster, better and cheaper. Within the category of technology, there are nine keys areas that your company would profit from focusing on. They are: infrastructure, cloud hosting, the service desk, cyber security, data communications, asset management, the deployment and management of products at multiple sites, business continuity, and software licensing. Twin Systems offer these services and many more including business connectivity, Infrastructure as a Service and Technology Consultancy. Outsourcing these facets of technology will contribute to a more seamless and streamlined procession of day-to-day work.

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