Agile Working – It’s Time For The Talking To Stop

Agile Working – It’s Time For The Talking To Stop

Just two or three years ago, people liked to talk about agile working – but often it was purely talk.

Now, though, it’s genuinely happening and most people who are planning a change in their workplace – whether it’s a new building, a refurbishment or a look at better utilisation of space – are focusing on agile working. Of course it is more than just technology that provides an agile workspace – although technology is becoming prevalent in all areas.

Productivity and wellbeing

Companies have shifted their priorities from cost to looking at how they can help their people be more productive – and are  recognising that well being is a key factor in successful organisations.

So how do we design our workplace to encourage wellbeing and healthy behaviours?

Many are trying, from HR practitioners to facilities people to technology experts and of course, designers, yet despite best endeavours, some are still not quite getting it right.

The key is to help people work effectively, without frustration over resources such as finding a desk or a meeting room where they can collaborate – in other words, to support all the aspects of agile working with technology that provides real, practical answers.


Technology can also support the adoption of best practice working environments.  For instance, we’ve known for a long time that video conferencing saves time, travel and stress, yet it’s often been noted that take-up can be affected because people find video conferences difficult to organise.

Scheduling software can take away the strain by making the booking process effortless, therefore improving use right across a business. It saves staff a drive and encourages enjoyable and productive collaboration.

The distributed business

Looking ahead, it is unlikely that the pace of change in the workplace will slow . The biggest and fastest-growing software area is the mobile community, who want to to access core services via an array of mobile devices and platforms.

The ease with which users can access these services and their availability will have a direct impact on the take up of true agile working within an organisation.

Office 365 is built for the agile enterprise find out more here

Keeping up

Increasingly in any industry there is a fight for top talent . Meeting the needs of the new generation of flexible workers will be key to attracting them and retaining them.

There’s a lot more change to come, I’m sure. And I’m confident that with technology developing fast to support it, the continuing evolution of the connected workplace will continue to provide benefits for all.

Here at Twin we have been leading agile working projects for over twenty years from designing secure mobile technology environments to planning and project managing the physical moves and the migration of hardware and infrastructure. To find out please get in touch and we will get back to you as quickly as we can wherever you are

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