Free yourself from paper and stop wasting time

Free yourself from paper and stop wasting time

There are countless advantages to a paper-free office.

Let’s start with the obvious environmental benefit. Less paper = fewer trees being cut down. Any way your business can make less of a negative environmental impact is excellent.

Then there’s the time-saving impact for you and your team. No one needs to transcribe meeting minutes because it’s already done.

No more photocopying notes and trying to decipher handwriting – just forward a document. No more piles of mess in the office; everything is tidied away into files on your network.

And if you’re not already sold, how about this: less interaction with your office printer 😃

This is the 2020 office. And the technology for it is here now. And proven.

Office 365 has a whole array of hidden features which can help:

  • Microsoft StaffHub can replace annual leave requests, and printed schedules
  • Microsoft Teams allows for online document sharing/editing, meetings and chat
  • Microsoft OneNote can replace all of your notepads and scrappy pieces of paper

What about the shelves full of files, customer information, accounting documents, and marketing?

There’s a place for all of that within your network too. You can create a cloud-based filing system, giving access to anyone who needs it, and securely locking out anyone who doesn’t.

As long as it’s all done properly and with security in mind, you can shred all of that paperwork and clear more physical space in your office too.

Don’t know where to start? That’s OK, it can be a big task. We know, we’ve done it countless times. And that’s why we’d be delighted to help your business to go properly paperless.

Call us on 0345 313 1483 or drop us a line at to talk through your requirements.

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